Broadloom - The Product
Carpet can be a wonderful decorative and functional element in the home. It absorbs sound, insulates against the cold, provides cushioning under foot and enhances the living space. As carpet can be a major purchase, many factors should be considered in the pre-purchase stage including: location or use, colour, cost, texture or pattern and quality of fibre.

One of the main considerations in purchasing a carpet is understanding how the space will be used. Whether you are contemplating doing the living room, bedroom, set of stairs, study or any other room in the home or office, our expert sales staff will help guide you through the process of selecting the right carpet, in the right style and quality, to meet your aesthetic, functional and budget needs.


The Colour
The Cost
Whether neutral or a vibrant contrast, the colour of
carpet selected is an important element in any room’s décor. As carpet is available in almost every colour imaginable, the selection is a very important and personal choice. Consider the existing colours and patterns in your space before making the final choice.
Considering your budget is a very important factor when selecting broadloom. Carpet is available to suit almost every budget and our expert sales staff will help you find the best value for your money to suit all your needs. The cost of carpet is based on many factors including quality of fibre, durability, construction, design and quality of labour and under padding, if installation is required.

The Texture and Pattern

Carpet is available in many more styles than conventional broadloom. It can make a space appear formal, sophisticated, comfortable, casual or very commercial. Our showroom has samples of almost every possible design, colour or texture available on the market today. The selection of style, whether plush, velvet, frieze, berber, sisal or cut and loop pile, will
make whatever statement you desire.
The Fibre

The quality of the fibre selected determines how the broadloom will stand up to traffic, everyday wear and tear and how long the carpet will stay looking new. Many fibres can be used in the construction of broadloom including olefin, nylon or wool. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages but the quality of fibre selected is the primary determinant in how long your investment will last. A high quality nylon fibre, for instance, offers lasting durability, longer look retention and greater resistance to staining. A good quality wool offers a luxurious appearance and feel while also providing a natural resiliency and durability.