Beautiful Ceramics by

A good quality ceramic tile, properly installed, should be treated as a long-term solution for your space. Whether you are interested in ceramic, porcelain or the beauty of a natural stone, such as slate, marble or granite, our newly expanded showroom will provide you with endless possibilities to enhance your décor. Tiles are available in an incredibly large selection of colors, patterns and textures to appeal to any taste or budget.

The term ceramics has often been used as a generic term for all tile. Ceramics, however, are made primarily of clay mixed with other minerals. It is then processed with heat and a top surface is added, also known as the design layer. It is this layer which determines the tile’s color, design, texture and appearance. Good quality ceramics are very durable, and if properly installed and cared for, will last a very long time. 

Porcelain is different from ceramic. The primary ingredient in the composition of true porcelain tile is finely ground sand and the process involves pressure and extremely high temperature resulting in a product which is much denser and stronger than ceramic. Many porcelain tiles have the same color all the way through, however, porcelain tiles have also become available with a top layer that is glazed to produce a specific look or finish.

Perhaps the most common natural stone tiles are slate, marble and granite. Each has a unique look which can add elegance to a décor. Although, generally priced higher than their ceramic and porcelain counterparts, they provide a look of sophistication which is difficult to surpass. Once properly installed, natural stone flooring can become the foundation around which someone can decorate for the long term.