Beautiful Hardwood By:



               A high quality hardwood, properly installed, is a long-term investment in the value and beauty of your décor. Pollock’s carries high quality pre-finished hardwood, solid and engineered, in a wide range of species and stains to enhance any space. Explore the possibilities of decorating with the beauty of nature. Our newly expanded showroom offers our customers endless possibilities.

The type of sub floor is the primary determinant in whether to proceed with solid or engineered hardwood. In most cases, if the existing sub floor is wooden, solid hardwood is used. If the existing floor is concrete, such as in a condominium or basement, engineered hardwood is used. In either case, the quality of the wood, stain and finish are key factors in the long-term performance of your investment. 

Whether you prefer a light or a dark floor, a touch of color or something in between, our selection of pre-finished hardwoods offers many different beautiful looks. When making the selection of hardwood, it is also important to consider the treatment used to preserve the stain. The quality of finish, in addition to the quality of the wood, is a key determinant in the durability and long-term look retention of the flooring.

Pollock’s offers a wide range of hardwood in species including birch, oak, maple, beech, walnut, cherry, bamboo and exotic. Each varies in terms of grain, appearance and hardness.